The Making Of Mothers (2012)

導演 :    郭尚興

製片 :    Christina Kallas Milcho Manchevski

規格 :    HD/16:9/Stereo

類型 :    紀錄

出品 :    馬奇頓 , 法國 , 保加利亞

片長 :    11 分

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The documentary reveals the making-of "Majki (Mothers)", a triptych from Milcho Manchevski.

In part one, two nine-year-old girls addicted to mobile phones go to the police claiming they have seen an exhibitionist. Part two focuses on young documentary filmmakers making a film about the last two survivors in a remote village – a brother and sister who have not spoken to each other in 16 years. Part three tells the story of the evil next door: several elderly cleaners – all mothers – have been raped and murdered. A reporter writes about the crimes and is then arrested.


"Majki" receives awards as follows:

2011 "Award for Film as Art Phenomenon", Minsk International Film Festival Listopad

2011 "Directing Award, Ljubljanski Mednarodni Filmski Festival

2011 "24th EFA Film Awards Invitation", European Film Committee

2011 Cinema City Festival: FEDEORA

2011 “Nebojsa Djukelic” Critics Award for Best FEST Film , FEST

2011 "Europe Out of Europe" Special Jury Prize, FEST

2011 Best Movie nomination, MTV Adria Movie Awards

2010 Macedonian Academy Award Submission: Best Foreign-Language Film

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